Maidenhead Girls Have a Say

By | October 7, 2016

Here at the Better sex offices we are always keen to focus in on the life of escorts. This week we invited a couple of Maidenhead escorts to talk about a life in the escorts business. There are several leading Maidenhead escorts agencies, and many of them only deal with elite escorts.


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Dates in the area often complain that there does not seem to be enough Maidenhead escorts to keep up with demand, and the Maidenhead escorts agencies seem to be having a hard time recruiting Maidenhead escorts.


This is not the first time we have heard that there seems to be a shortage of escorts in London. It is not only the Maidenhead area that is suffering but many other areas as well. There must be a reason for this, and we asked the escorts what they think about the situation.


Paula has been working in the escorts industry for three years, and she is concerned about the state of play in Maidenhead. She says that there are fewer girls being tempted into the industry. Despite that the industry has undergone an improvement less girls are interested in becoming escorts.


Many people still see it as an extension of the porn of sex industry. Whilst this is not true, Paula says that there is a lot of misinformation around. Many young girls who are joining the industry are foreign, and rules within the escorts industry in their own home country are different. Safety is very important in the British escorts industry but in many other countries this is less important.


Foreign girls who don’t appreciate the importance of safety can quickly give the industry a bad name, and this often happens in major cities such as London. Some areas have a particularly badly affected.



Sue, another escort who works in Maidenhead, says that a lot of is the fault of the agencies. The agencies are anxious to keep the rates down, and employ foreign girls. Many of them do not have the right experience, and Sue says that the majority of agencies misunderstand what dates are looking for. The majority of the time she says, dates are looking for quality of service not low prices.


Low prices attract the wrong kind of date, and this is often the beginning of a vicious circle. Many agencies have closed their doors after having employed escorts who do not have experience, and dates have stopped using them.


Sue says it is important to get the balance between price and service right, and this can be difficult to achieve when you are dealing with girls who speak really poor English. This has in turn caused a lot of English girls to leave the escorts industry as they are not prepared to work for low pay.


Maidenhead now has more independent escorts than any other area of London, and that has driven prices up. Unfortunately it has caused a lot agencies to close and it is difficult for new comers to get started. Both girls say that if things don’t change soon, there will certainly be a shortage of escorts in Maidenhead in the future.


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