About Tate Watkins

I work for the Haiti Coffee Academy, a business that helps farmers increase the quantity and quality of coffee they produce, process, and trade. I previously worked as a consultant for TechnoServe, where I researched the Haitian coffee sector.

Before that, I was a freelance journalist for two years in Haiti, where I wrote about economic development, foreign aid, and immigration. I still occasionally write book reviews and other freelance pieces. I’ve contributed to a variety of print and web outlets, including Bloomberg Businessweek, Wired.com, Reason, Quartz, GOOD, and The American Interest.

I grew up in Nashville, TN, got M.A. and B.A. degrees in economics at Clemson University, lived in rural Senegal for a year while in the Peace Corps, and spent two years researching economics and public policy in Washington, D.C.

I hate that some people take offense to the honorific “ma’am,” had a harder time figuring out how to wear a scarf during D.C. winters than learning how to tie a bow tie, and tout the merits of (sometimes) eating lunch alone.

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Tate Watkins

Independent Correspondent

Tate Watkins is a freelance writer and coffee guy between Haiti and Nashville, TN.